This Month at Kildermorie

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Early in the building phase of their new home the owners’ grounds were planted with a variety of trees to attract various species of wildlife – a mix of deciduous and evergreen, including hardwoods such as hazel, horse chestnut and sweet chestnut. That early tree planting has paid dividends after more than 20 years.

During the summer there were a couple of brief sightings of what looked like a red squirrel – not previously seen at Km. On October 7th there was no doubt, as your web-correspondent was treated to the sight of a bushy-tailed red squirrel racing between clumps of hazel bushes, gathering nuts and secreting them around the grounds. Keen nature-watchers were immediately alerted, to be captivated by its energy and industry as it spent a couple of hours, morning and afternoon, establishing its winter stores.

Photo: C H Duncan
Photos: H Stefankova


Though spring is traditionally the best time for observing wildlife, autumn's mild weather and clear skies provide numerous chance encounters for the keen photographer:

Photo: H Stefankova

Salmon fishing continues till the end of this month.


Early morning mist around Loch Morie creates a tranquil environment for the keen fisherman to enjoy the final weeks of brown trout fishing. [Season ends 6th October]

Photo: H Stefankova


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Bear in mind that the accommodation is at the heart of Kildermorie Estate, in a glen surrounded by protective hills, so has its own microclimate which may afford better weather than forecast.

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