Sport at Kildermorie Estate

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Stalking for red and sika deer is available according to their open seasons.

Wild bird shooting, when a suitable surplus is available, may include red grouse, snipe or woodcock, either walked up or over pointers.

Fishing is ample and varied, with wild brown trout in the hill lochs, salmon, arctic charr, brown trout and ferox trout in Loch Morie, and salmon, brown and sea trout in the Glasa and Alness rivers. All salmon fishing is 'catch and release'.

Within season, and when conditions are favourable, the Estate offers the opportunity to complete the Macnab Challenge, which has been accomplished twice in the last 30 years at Kildermorie.
Tariff: £1,200.00 incl VAT per attempt.

The traditional values and ethics of each sport, and the long term aims of conserving the wild stock for the benefit of the next generation give Kildermorie Estate a sound reputation for responsible and forward-looking management. This approach ensures that guests feel comfortable that their sporting activities are part of a habitat management plan that improves the environment.

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