The Ecosystem of Kildermorie

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The ecosystem of Kildermorie Estate is carefully preserved and nurtured, maintaining the natural balance of the wild Scottish Highlands and the abundance of flora and fauna to be found there. Any disturbance necessary to provide the comforts of modern living is carefully planned and strictly managed by the owners.


Overgrazed land produces a barren landscape; to regenerate an area, fencing is necessary. Though unsightly in the short term, the rewards are quickly evident, and since the fenced areas occupy a very small percentage of the land available to the grazing wild animals, there is no impact on their food supply.

An old and decayed birch tree is surrounded by young birch saplings, and an old tree regenerates from the base of its trunk. A wild columbine Aquilegia vulgaris finds its way through the young trees; a heath spotted orchid Dactylorhiza maculata and bugle Ajuga reptans thrive on land previously grazed bare.

The curious hoof fungus Fomes fomentarius is a tough stem decay polypore; in Northern Scotland it is mainly found on birch which it infects through broken bark, causing rot.

The young birch, rowan and conifers in this woodland have all grown from naturally dispersed seeds from the surviving mature trees - but only since the area was fenced.

When the young trees are fully established, the fences will be removed and other areas in poor condition will be identified and protected.


In addition to natural regeneration at Kildermorie Estate, ¾ million trees have been planted in the open areas of the hill to provide much-needed winter shelter for the deer (see photo), and recent land purchases (HISTORY) provided another 2 million trees.


Kildermorie Estate is fortunate to have a spring water supply adequate to satisfy the needs of all of the estate properties. Although this water is potable, a highly sophisticated water treatment plant meeting current EU legislation has been installed. This water treatment plant delivers water to all the residential properties on the estate, in addition to supplying the game larder facilities. Burn water is also harnessed and used where potable water is not required.


Electricity is provided by a water turbine, the water being drawn from Loch Magharaidh. When the flow of water becomes insufficient to run the turbine a diesel generator takes over automatically.