Shooting at Kildermorie

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"If a sportsman true you'd be
Listen carefully to me:
Never, never, let your gun
Pointed be at anyone..."

'A Father's Advice' by Henry Mark Beaufoy 1902

The facts

In years with successful breeding seasons, Kildermorie Estate offers grouse walked up over dogs, and ptarmigan on the high scree of the 838 metre Carn Chuinneag. However, in common with many other estates, because of recent difficult breeding seasons, the availability of grouse shooting is assessed on a year-by-year basis.

Clay pigeon shooting can be arranged at Kildermorie; the estate has three clay traps which can reproduce the flight patterns of partridge, pheasant, grouse and teal as well as the running rabbit.

For guests wishing to use an estate shotgun on Kildermorie or Baledigle, it is not necessary to be in posession of a Shot Gun Certificate since unaccompanied shooting is never permitted. All sport involving the use of shotguns is under the supervision of professional estate staff.

Shooting Seasons in Scotland

Grouse 12 August – 10 December
Ptarmigan 12 August – 10 December
Common Snipe 12 August – 31 January
Woodcock 1 September – 31 January

Tariff for 2021-22 Season

Rates quoted are inclusive of VAT

Red Grouse £600.00 for up to six guns in the line over Estate pointers; the party may keep up to one brace per gun.
Ptarmigan £600.00 for up to four guns in the line; the party may keep up to one bird per gun.
Clay pigeons £60.00 per supervised session, plus clays and cartridges at cost.
Rifle shooting £60.00 per supervised session, plus bullets at cost.